Welcome to Karl Denton’s website.


What my work represents: If only I could crawl into the minds of those that view my art so I could see what they see I would know what it represents. Until then my art is who I am.

My portfolio has creative writings and photographs, sculpture and oil paintings, some contain nudity suggestive or otherwise. Art using the human figure is a celebration of it's form so if you are offended by it please stay here and enjoy the images posted.

If you don't like my art, my photography or my writings then it is best that you either not be a part of my life or you learn to live with who I am: A caring loving man who enjoys creating works that study the female form, works that explore the very abstractness of our minds, works that I find funny and entertaining.

Above all else in these times of tough economic tests is it not wise to explore these things instead of turning our efforts to hurt, blame and to listen to those that induce self doubt because of petty jealousies. So if you don't like what I create, can't find the beauty or humor in it then you do not like me, then there is no place for you in my life, restricting me and my creativity...

My blog is now on my website at: karldenton.blogspot.com

To purchase one of my original oil paintings please visit Saatchi.com

If you are in anyway offended by the human body, either male or female including the interaction between them then stop here!  My website contains the nude human form both in various erotic poses or simply for the study of its beauty.

Updated on August 4th 2017, have a look around and enjoy.

Please note: All models on this website are over 18 years of age and model releases are on file!  This website and it’s entire content is the sole property of Karl R. Denton, all images and writings are copyright 2006 ~ 2017.  ANY use without prior written permission from Karl R. Denton will result in any and all legal action applicable.

My motivation: A nagging and persisting desire to create art.